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BurgerTown Auditions:


Parts for 9-24 people of all ages.

"BurgerTown is a delicious musical comedy set in the Windy City. When Danny O’Riley, a timid fry cook accidentally invents the hottest new craze in the fast-food world; the Triangle Burger, he takes the humble BurgerTown diner from its lowly place beneath the tracks of the Fullerton train station to soaring new heights. Along the way, Danny encounters bad guys, big business, and beautiful women. While he struggles to hold onto his sanity as he chases his dreams for success, romance, and a fast-food fortune."

People planning to audition should prepare a Broadway-style song and be ready to read from the script. A movement evaluation may also be part of the audition.

Director is Clay Nielsen. Music Director is Austin Blair.

Music and script samples are available at the Brooklyn Publishers website.

Director Sydne Nielsen wishes to thank all who auditioned for "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest."


Her cast list is as follows:

Randle P. McMurphy - Dennis Dixon
Chief Bromden - Clay Nielsen
Nurse Ratched - Olivia Adkins
Nurse Flinn - Heather Harrison
Harding - Doug Anderson
Billy - Jordan Rimpela
Cheswick - Mark Pendleton
Scanlon - Tom Udell
Martini - John Meranda
Dr Spivey - Don Kirsch
Ruckley - David Bucci
Aide Warren - Mason Nielsen
Aide Williams - Mike Mooney
Candy Starr - Haley Skaggs

"Cuckoo's Nest" will run three weekends beginning March 13.